Paraphilic Disorders Involving Non-human Objects

Scenario 1 (Fetishism)

Peter’s sexual excitement started at age 10 when he popped up in his mother’s room and saw her in stockings. In adolescence, he would steal his older sister’s stockings and masturbate to them. Increasingly, he observed that he ejaculates to fantasies of women in stockings anytime he masturbated. In adulthood, he only had sex with women who wore stockings. He was simply unable to maintain an erection or ejaculate anytime he slept with a woman who didn’t have stockings on.

Scenario 2 (Transvestic Fetishism)

Paul grew up cross-dressing as a child. He would put on makeup and wear his mother’s clothes and heels for fun. He would borrow his mother’s heels and masturbate in them because that was the only way he could attain sexual gratification. He never married because he wasn’t interested in having sexual intercourse with anybody. Masturbating in heels was all he needed to get by sexually. He wasn’t a homosexual, neither did he have homosexual tendencies.

Peter and Paul’s conditions are one of several kinds generally called paraphilia, that is to say, a condition in which one’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behaviors generally considered abnormal and extreme. The objects of paraphilia vary enormously: they can be animate things like children, animals or inanimate things like underwear and feces; they can Involve a particular act, such as inflicting pain on oneself or on others, exposing/humiliating oneself or others. Specifically, Paul and Peter’s conditions are classified under paraphilia involving non-human objects. This type of paraphilia can be seen in two forms:

Fetishism which involves a strong sexual attraction to and fantasies involving inanimate objects.

Transvestic Fetishism which involves extreme sexual arousal obtained through cross dressing.

CAUSES: some theorists believe that these fetishes develop as a result of childhood experiences where an object has been associated with sexual arousal or gratification. It is also believed that when people are deprived of normal social sexual contexts, they go for less socially acceptable means. Whatever the theory, it is believed by many experts that Some men develop these fetishes because of the fear of rejection and humiliation from the opposite sex, or in order to compensate themselves for feeling inadequate or doubting their masculinity; alternately, a child who may have seen or experienced an inappropriate sexual encounter may later imitate it and be reinforced by such behavior.

MentalMondays by Akwama.


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